Monday, January 19, 2015

This place is Death

Lagwagon - Swingin' Utters - Western Addiction - toyGuitar (1/17/2015 @ The Fonda Theatre, Hollywood CA)

I fully expected to wake up Saturday morning feeling like I partied with Death. Luckily, besides still being sick, I was completely fine. Apparently Sangria doesn't issue hangovers, which is rad to know. Want to be a piece of shit without feeling like shit? Drink Sangria! I'm formally submitting that be their motto. So after a shower and a few hours of watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine, I was ready to go explore Hollyweird.

First stop: Amoeba Records. Duh. I met up with my friend Keri here and perused the punk section. I don't like leaving here not buying anything, and I was about to pick up Dead to Me Moscow Penny Ante, until I found The Lawrence Arms Cocktails and Dreams used on the cheap. Anyone who knows me knows I have a total dude boner for Brendan Kelly. Obviously, don't act like you don't.

Second Stop: The Museum of Death. Keri and I have been talking about going here forever, but for whatever reason hadn't. Today was the day. For $15, you can take a self guided tour of fucked up morbid shit. This place basically has a bunch of interconnected rooms full of different themes. Serial Killers, executions, autopsies, Charles Manson, The Black Dahlia, you name it, they had a picture of it somewhere. I thought towards the end it kind of ran its course when we got to the Taxidermy stuff, but you know, still counts as death. One of the rooms had a video playing of a funeral home preparing a body for burial, and I could not stop watching it. It was disgusting. But once they started to insert plastic caps under the eyelids so they keep the shape, I was out. I fucking hate eye stuff. Also, they had a bunch of pictures of decapitated people. I learned I have a weird fascination with decapitations and severed limbs. Who knew? My favorite was the crime scene pictures of a decapitated body the L.A. police found, and the severed head they found in a fast food bag a couple of days later. I think the weirdest part was the big old G.G. Allin shrine they had at the end. That was weird to me for some reason. Anyways, I highly suggest going to this place, its all very interesting, but if you have a weak stomach stay the fuck away. It gets pretty gross.

After staring at dead bodies and stuff for an hour or so, Keri and I grabbed a couple drinks at the Frolic room, then Yelped and ate at the lowest rated pizza place near us. It was so bad. Definitely deserved their 2 star rating. Finally killing the 3 hours before the show started, we began to wander towards The Fonda Theatre.

I always forget how much I fucking hate going to bigger venues to see a band play. First of all, apparently the Fonda has a strict no gum policy which is kind of bizarre. After getting patted down to enter the place, I walked in and had to pee. I took care of business and washed my hands because it had been a while, and I had been touching Hollywood stuff all day. As I turned around to grab a paper towel, there was a creepy dude standing right behind me holding one out for me. Sure, this guy was a bathroom attendant, and this is his job, but how long had he been there? I didn't notice him walking in, did he hear me fart while I was pissing? Did he see me do the weird dance dick shake? Did he hear me contemplating possibly trying to shit because the toilets were black and "metal as fuck"? I avoided eye contact and bailed. I was about to buy a beer when Keri walked up holding one. "How much was that?" I inquired. "Twelve bucks" she replied. Fuck that, looks like I'm struggling through this sober. We walked out to the stage area to wait.

This will eventually be a trash can


I knew this day would come. The day I had to review a band I didn't like. I knew about toyGuitar, but I never bothered to listen to them. So this show was to be my introduction to this band. And boy was I underwhelmed. It's not that they are bad or anything, they just aren't my style. They seemed to be a slower style punk band, kind of like a garage rock version of the Ramones. Now I know I'm about to lose most of my punk points here, but I DO NOT LIKE the Ramones. So I did not like this band. Add to that the awkward dead silence between songs and the fact that none of them looked like they were having fun besides the drummer (or were trying way to hard to look like rock stars, whatever), I was just bored. But hey, listen to them and decide for yourself. They just were not my particular taste.

Western Addiction

After being lucky enough to remember seeing these guys play the night before at VLHS, I was kind of excited to see them play again, but in a bigger place and with more people. Boy am I an idiot. This place, like most bigger venues, has waaay too much fucking bass on the PA. Besides sounding like an outdoor rave, they were fine. They played mostly the same songs as the night before (Not shocking, they only have 1 album and a few EP's and splits) minus a few since they had less time. The other weird thing was we could not hear a single word the singer said between songs. I don't know if he was talking to low or what, because his vocals when playing where fine, but anything he said, did not hear it. Fun fact, when I went to the merch table to buy their album after the set, their merchbot totally recognized me as the Carlo Rossi guy from the night before. So, yay, I got that going for me.
the light show made them better

Swingin' Utters

It was around this time I remembered I am old, and the place was finally getting really packed. We noticed some seats on the balcony and headed up. First of all, there is a smoking area on the roof that I did not know about, which was pretty cool. It's all covered in AstroTurf and has a the show inside projected onto the side of the building. And a bar. But drinks were still expensive and I was really only craving nicotine. After getting our picture taken for L.A. weekly, it was time to sit the fuck down and be rocked by the Utters. Swingin' Utters is a band that I like, but was never super into. So I enjoyed seeing them play, but I have no idea what any of the songs they played were. All I know is the singer is pretty entertaining to watch as he awkwardly paces back and forth on stage, hitting his head and whipping the microphone cord into the stage. Also, the sitting was nice.
the zoom on my iPhone is fucking terrible.


As I have said before, Lagwagon is the band that got me into punk. I saw them play a few months before, they started their recent tour in San Diego, but I don't know what happened. Maybe they were rusty from taking so much time off? Whatever it was, Joey sounded like shit at that show and you can tell they had some kinks to work out. That's why when I heard they were playing Hollywood at the end of the tour, I jumped and bought tickets as soon as they were available. Well, I'm happy to report they were back bringing their "A" game. Joey sounded great, and the only real mishap was Joe Raposo's strap kept falling off his bass. Lagwagon's set list for the night was pretty diverse too, playing a few songs off of Trashed all the way to the newest album Hang, including fan favorites Violins, Sick and even the B-Side jam Wind in your Sail. They ended the set playing Razor Burn, and then after a very weak "one more song chant" (this seems to be the new thing, I always thought encore's were dumb anyways, but it seems like so does everyone else now. Instead of chanting, or yelling, everyone just kind of stood there until they came back. It was funny) came back to finish off with the opening 2 tracks from Hang and May 16th. Fun fact: I stood in the front for the opening song Obsolete Absolute, but after I remembered I had a record in tow, and some idiot spilled an entire beer down my back (why would you bring a $12 beer to the front anyway?) I decided how bad an idea that was in my old age and made my way towards the back through the pit, where I immediately saw a mosh pitter slip and fall face first on a puddle of beer. It was quite humorous.
look at the old people rock and roll
After I left I really wanted to buy a street hot dog because they smelled so good, but then I saw the fucking bell peppers all over grill and decided that was a dumb idea. And I had a long trek back to Vista and didn't want to risk shitting myself on the drive. 

Carlo Rossi is my homeboy

Western Addiction - The Bombpops - Horrorsquad - Never Old Bones (1/16/2015 @ VLHS, Pomona CA)

I woke up Friday morning feeling like absolute shit. This time I was getting sick. I guess at the VLHS show last week, some ding-dong infected everyone with the plague. Or the common cold. Whatever. Still a ding-dong. So, what do you do when you want to drink but your getting sick? Gut Busters* seemed like a bit much, so it was time for SANGRIA NIGHTS!

I packed my jug of Carlo Rossi Sangria and headed to L.A. I got to my friends house a little early, so I went to the neighborhood watering hole, a sketchy little place called Belly's West. Heeding the advice of my coworkers from earlier, I decided a shot of whiskey would help get my head straight. Upon hearing my order, the regular sitting at the bar struck up conversation about using alcohol to fix sickness and what makes an alcoholic. He bought me another shot. I drank a garbage beer to wash it all down and it was time to head to the show.

My date for the evening

Never Old Bones

We got there a little late and totally missed these guys.


Horrorsquad is another band that seems to play VLHS every time I come here. That's not a complaint, they are some of the nicest people I have ever met, and they are pretty good to boot. Tonight was no exception. Like with any band playing on their home field, the crowd was into it, singing along and having a good time. These guys are a fun band to see live, drinking in-between (and during) songs, they just look like they are having a good time playing, which is awesome and kind of pumps you up more. FOUR for you Horrorsquad! You go, Horrorsquad!

and none for Gretchen Wieners, bye!

Western Addiction

I have been wanting to see Western Addiction for a long time. When I heard they were playing with Lagwagon in Hollywood I was stoked, then I heard they were playing VLHS the night before that, and I nearly shit myself. I had finished about 2/3rds of the Sangria by the time they started playing, all I could hope for was to stave off the darkness for at least half an hour. These guys have a sound that kind of mixes metal, 80's hardcore and pop punk. They played most of Cognicide, Black Salt and a few new songs which sounded awesome. They were very good live, I highly suggest checking them out if you have a chance. Fortunately, I finished my Sangria AND made it through their entire set.
seconds before my brain clicked off

The Bombpops

As soon as Western Addiction was done, the Sangria decided to completely shut my brain off. Yes, I blacked out. The last thing I remember was hanging out by The Bombpops van, smoking a cigarette, and drunk rambling about god knows what. Then I woke up in L.A.
Somehow managed to take a picture though. Drunk Kevin is an OK photographer.

Lessons I learned from that night: A jug of Sangria is a bit too much. Wasn't pukey drunk, just blacked out stupid drunk. Which is fine sometimes. Also, I vaguely remember debating with a guy dressed as Robin which was the best Robin. I said Damien Wayne, he said I don't even remember because he was wrong. I won that argument in my mind. I like to think we both agreed Cassandra Cain was the best Batgirl, but I could be making that up. Yeah, shit got nerdy. I think we scared Aaron Ohio.
Tune in later for my review of Lagwagon and THE MUSEUM OF DEATH!
*Gut Busters is a drink made by my buddy Andrew when he was sick and still wanted to drink. Its a mix drink consisting of Nyquil and whiskey. It is as gross as it sounds.


Thursday, January 15, 2015

Kevin presents: The best albums of 2014

What kind of music blog would this be without an end of the year Best Album list? Yes, I am fully aware I'm a little late, but seeing as though I randomly decided to even start doing this a few days ago, I say fuck it. Close enough. Now listen to and respect my opinions.

10. Dead Bars - Dead Bars (No Idea)

I know a lot of people don't count 4 song EP's as albums, but I'm not some people. Does it have music on it? Then its an album. Dead Bars were described to me as follows: "The singer can't sing, and the lyrics are super dumb, but they are sooooo good." These are all true. This short 4 song EP sums up what this band seems to be about, quick short songs you can get drunk to and scream along with your friends. My favorite Dead Bars song, Just Fine, is on a split with Sunshine State, but I included this because it has more songs.

9. Bad Cop/Bad Cop - Boss Lady (Fat Wreck Chords)

At least I kept the 2 EP's on the bottom of the list, ok you fucking whiners? Bad Cop/Bad Cop put out this gem on Fat Wreck Chords early last year. Their first on Fat, second EP overall, this is a short, sweet, glimpse into what they are capable of. The B-Side, Rodeo and Asshole are 2 of my absolute most favorite songs.

8. Chris Cresswell - One Week Record (One Week Records)

The Flatliners are one of my favorite bands, so I was looking forward to Chris Cresswell's debut solo album, put out on Joey Cape's new One Week Records. The idea behind the label is to write and record an album in one week. This could not be more of the opposite of the Flatliners, and that's what makes it special.

7. Pup - Pup (Side One Dummy)

It took me forever to actually get into this band. Number 1, that fucking album cover. 2, everyone was so stoked on them, that it actually made me not like them. That's a thing. I believe its called being punk as fuck. But then I went and saw them play in a garage in Temecula and it turns out, they aren't so bad after all. I think it was the jammy song Yukon that made me reevaluate my opinion. I've seen this album on a lot of year end lists, and people seem to like to point out it came out in 2013, but it was released on Side One in 2014, so fuck you, you nit picky nerds.

6. Against Me! - Transgender Dysphoria Blues (Total Treble)

I'm going to be honest, Against Me! is definitely my favorite band of all time and I absolutely despised White Crosses when it was released, but I loved Black Crosses, which was pretty much the demo's from White Crosses (and it didn't have the worst song ever made by humans, Bob Dylan Dream). Now, I can not relate to this album like most other Against Me! albums, but that doesn't mean it still doesn't rip. Black Me Out and Osama Bin Laden As The Crucified Christ are 2 of my favorite AM! songs ever.

5. The Creeps - Eulogies (It's Alive!)

The Creeps are the second band that made my list that my dear friend Lindsey introduced me to. And the second that took me forever to get into. When I went to go visit her in Oakland in September, she pretty much played this album non-stop for the week I was there. I didn't give it a listen to for a few more moths on my own, but when I did, Jesus. It is so depressingly awesome. I'm pretty sure the song Cancer is what I would be if instead of a person, I was a song.

4. Banner Pilot - Souvenirs (Fat Wreck Chords)

Yes, I enjoyed this album. Obviously. It's #4 on my list idiot. Now, is it as good as Heart Beats Pacific or Collapser? No. But those were damn near perfect albums. But you can't honestly tell me this album is not good. Personal opinion: if the album ended at track 10 Springless, it would have been great from start to finish. As it stands, the last 2 tracks are the weak spot. Still a great album though.

3. Lagwagon - Hang (Fat Wreck Chords)

Lagwagon is THE band that got me into punk music. Back when I listened to only rap, my buddy gave me Let's Talk About Feelings and I immediately changed my ways. So to see these guys not only still making music 12 years later, but making really really good music is fucking awesome.

2. The Holy Mess - Comfort in the Discord (Self Released)

I fucking love The Holy Mess. I was lucky enough to catch them play a few songs at Fest this year, but I am absolutely pumped for the day they play an actual show somewhere in or around southern California. This album is perfect from start to finish, and contains one of my favorite lyrics in a song, "Shit faced on a Tuesday night/Can't sleep so I keep on drinking/Smoking to keep from drinking/Drinking to keep from thinking about you"

1. The Lawrence Arms - Metropole (Epitaph)

Come on, did you really think I was going to pick something else? After an 8 year hiatus, Brendan, Neil and Chris come back with the best album of 2014, Metropole. I read a bunch of interviews before this album came out, and in all of them they claim this album is not about getting old, but fuck them, it totally fucking is. And that's why this is one of the single most relatable albums to me ever. I'm turning 30 this year, and I swear to god the song Seventeener (17th and 37th) is my life.

Yeah, but for real though, I am getting too old for this shit

Sic Waiting - Great Apes - Caskitt (1/10/2015 @ Tower Bar, San Diego CA)

I woke up this Saturday morning feeling like absolute shit. Not sick, but more exhausted. Since the new year began, I have been sleeping less like a baby, and more like a meth addict. I can definitely feel my shitty body getting old, and it fucking sucks. So needless to say, my original plan for the day was to shut my blinds and forget the world existed. The weekend only comes once a week, and I wasn't going to waste this one by being all proactive and responsible. So I turned on Netflix and watched season 4 of Portlandia. By the end of the last episode, I realized I was actually hungry, and I had an errand to run. Begrudgingly, I put on pants and ventured out into the world. First stop: Wal-Mart. I needed a frame for my awesome poster I picked up at the RVIVR show and because I frame my posters now because I'm an adult. Why Wal-Mart? Because I got that fucking frame for $4. I may be an adult, but I'm still poor. Now to solve crisis number 2. My ever rumbling tummy. I decided I hated myself just enough to go to this hole in the wall Chinese food place that gives you a mountain of food for like 5 bucks. "Food" acquired, I realized I had been out in the real world for far too long and raced back home to eat the 6 pounds of noodles and chicken and watch Silence of the Lambs for the millionth time.

Oh wait, was she a great big fat person?

Why is any of this important you ask? Because this was the plan for the day. To keep on doing this until I eventually passed out sweaty and ashamed. (Un)fortunately, my buddy Rich decided to text me and tell me he was going to the Great Apes San Diego show, he was leaving at 8:30, and he was driving. I figured since I missed (didn't watch, whatever) Great Apes the night before, that I guess I could abandon my grand evening plans and go.

When we arrived at the Tower Bar in North Park, the first thing I noticed was how many fucking people were there. I was shocked, I absolutely did not think this many people would show up for this. I knew for a fact, that at the very least half of our friends who usually go to these shows were down the street at the Ignite show. After we parked and actually rolled up to the bar, it all became clear. All the bands were hanging out in the back parking lot and I could hear the muffled double kick drums and high pitched screeching from inside the bar. Turns out, there was a show before this show. A quick search I did right now tells me it was "Pyrate Punx" featuring the headlining act "Oakland Crust Legends" Born Dead. Needless to say, we had about an hour to kill before our shift started, so we did what any responsible adult would do and headed to the liquor store to buy 40's. Hanging in the parking lot, shooting the shit with the buddies, my belly full of Chinese food and dead brain wouldn't let me enjoy my 40 ounces of freedom, so when we got yelled at for the second time about not being able to drink in the parking lot, I abandoned all hope and pounded ye Monster Energy drink. Caskitt was about to play anyways.


First things first, walking into the bar, it smelled like when you drive past a garbage dump on a really hot summer day. A few of the trash people were still lingering at the bar, trying to extract every last drop of their $3 tall cans of PBR when Caskitt began playing. I decided to watch the reactions of the bullet belted punx, and they did not disappoint. A few seemed to enjoy what they were seeing although with a look of disdain on their faces, a few had the reaction most people have, "the drummer is the singer, dude",  and a few completely ignored what was happening in an attempt to up the punx through shitty beer flavored water. It was all very entertaining. As for Caskitt, I give them 4 liberty spikes/5.

My laziness is starting to show

Great Apes

Great Apes are a band from San Francisco. That is all I know about them. I've heard a bunch that they are a band I would enjoy, and I have even gone as far as downloading their music. But like most new bands I try and get into, I just don't. I sat on Direct Hit! for at least 6 months before they randomly came on shuffle on my iPod, and now they are one of my favorite bands. I always feel like an idiot when I eventually realize I like a band, but sometimes it just doesn't click in my stupid brain. Well, after seeing them play live, it is starting to click. To my musically untrained ears, they played extremely well. The singers voice is the right amount of gruff, the guitarist didn't fuck up, and team rhythm seemed to be on time. I liked it a lot. Since I am not really familiar with the bands body of work, I can't say exactly what they played, but after listening to their albums again I know they at least played Seventeen Years. So the fact that I can remember hearing that song is a good sign. I think. Needless to say, I will be rechecking them out and I suggest you do to. 5 vest studs/5.

I thought it was really funny they had to share a mic for some reason

Sic Waiting

Apparently I have a habit of not really watching at least one band at every show. I was so tired at this point I decided to just sit at the bar and have a beer. Its not like I couldn't see the band from there. I wasn't really drinking at this point because I had no money from 1) Surprise unplanned trip to Oakland for new years 2) I had only worked 2-1/2 days the week before. So, I pretty much slow drank a Cali Creamin and listened to Jared ramble between playing songs. 4 del scorchos/5.
And that was that! Another day, another show. Don't worry, I did get to finish my just be a piece of shit day on Sunday. Nothing but Carne Asada fries and Broad City!  I highly recommend both. The ladies who made it are geniuses and Hannibal Buress is hilarious. And carne asada fries, pretty self explanatory why those are good.
So now I am caught up on show reviews so far. This weekend I will be attending Western Addiction at VLHS and Lagwagon at the Fonda Theatre in Hollywood. Its going to be rad.
Would you fuck me? I'd Fuck me. I'd fuck me hard. I'd fuck me so hard. Goodbye Horses...


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Hey man, did you see that girl band?

Bad Cop/Bad Cop - Great Apes - Turkish Techno - Caskitt (1/9/2015 @ VLHS, Pomona CA)

The cool thing about living in North County San Diego, is that I have access to not only San Diego shows, but also shows up north. Today's review comes to us from the mysterious land of Pomona. Now, don't get me wrong, it's a butt hole of a drive from here. I decided to go up the 15 instead of the 5 because google maps claimed it was "faster" and "more gas efficient". Google maps is a disgusting liar and the 15 is a shit hole boring freeway. The 5 4 lyfe!

This show took place at VLHS, a DIY venue in Pomona. If you have never been here, this place fucking rules and puts every other venue to shame ever. It has a glorious "smoking lot" aka parking lot where everyone smokes and drinks and hangs out. A tiny entrance room with a fridge for beer. or wine. or water. or energy drinks. You know, pretty much any liquid you would like to keep cold and consume. This place is BYOB, and there are usually others willing to share, say whiskey, with you. Once you pay, you get a cool hand doodle, sometimes a cat face, this time a Stussy S. You know, those S's you would draw in high school, you throw down 6 lines then connect them because you were bored out of your mind. Then there is the "main room" complete with "stage" and "inconveniently placed skate ramp" and back roll up door for when everyone is breathing and things get a bit too swampy. Oh, and don't worry, they have a bathroom! But with no door knob, so if you go, you better have a friend who can stand guard. Or just go outside if you have the proper means. AKA a dick. Or I guess one of those cup things ladies can pee in to pee outside. I think its like a funnel? And the best part is the man, the myth, the legend, Party Marty, roaming around, giving high fives. Tonight, as everyone was showing up and standing outside smoking, Marty called for everyones attention, "Ladies and gentlemen, I have an announcement" he yelled in his gruff voice silencing the heathens. "Ya'll are looking gooooooood." Seriously, every time I go here, I can't help but smile. I love VLHS.

Caskitt (or the band where the drummer sings)

Up first for the night was San Diego's own Caskitt. They are probably my favorite San Diego band (sorry I'm not sorry other SD bands, step your fucking game up), and it is awesome to see them out and playing in front of different people. Recently, they lost their bass player to the wasteland known as Florida, and Ricky from Western Settings has stepped up to fill in until they can find a replacement. I have seen Caskitt play a thousand times it seems like, and I immediatly noticed the difference in the tone of Ricky's bass. It sounded dirty, kind of like Banner Pilot's, and I liked it. Anyways, Caskitt did what Caskitt does, Matt rocked the drums and sang songs about being found out and not going outside, Steffen shredded guitar, Ricky's mullet/rat tail thing blew proudly in the wind. Shit was tight. I'm pretty sure they made San Diego proud.

The Coronado bridge sheds a tear

Turkish Techno (or the band with the shirt logo made of dicks)

Turkish Techno were one of the first bands I ever saw at VLHS. I remember the first time I saw them I thought, damn, I didn't know a band with such a stupid fucking name were allowed to be so good. Since then, they are another band I have seen play a thousand times, and who I just don't seem to get sick of. Since TT are almost a house band at VLHS, the crowd was super pumped when they played. Running around, screaming along.  It always seems to get crazy-go-nuts when they play. I am a little bummed they didn't play DUI, but you know, who the fuck am I? Shit was tight. I'm pretty sure they made Riverside proud.

I sent this picture to Lindsey to make her jealous

Great Apes (or the band I didn't watch and drank instead)

I fucked up on this one, instead of watching Great Apes, I sat outside and smoked cigarettes and drank some Modello's and talked about how bad we need a VLHS type place in North County, but with Burritos too. Because burrito's rule and should be mixed with punk rock as much as possible. Also, at this point Jackie stumbled by and offered a pickleback shot. If you don't know what a pickleback is, its when you take a shot of whiskey, and chase it with pickle juice. It's heaven on earth. Or in your mouth. Whatever, just do it. Shit was tight. I'm pretty sure they made alcoholics proud.

Bad Cop/Bad Cop (or the band that is all chicks, dude.)

Every time I see someone talk about Bad Cop/Bad Cop, they always mention how they are all females, like that is their gimmick, like they are Masked Intruder or something. I am not here to talk about the merits of punk and how its a boys club and blah blah blah, you've heard it a million times (actually I could be here to talk about that, but I won't because its boring and this is already border line too long), the fact of the matter is they are a kick ass punk band. I remember a long long time ago, I saw them play at the Blue Star in L.A. Linh wasn't even in the band yet and Stacey had a broken foot or something. I watched them play and was blown away by how good they were, so much so that by the next time I had the opportunity to see them play, like 2 years later at Awesome Fest 7 , I put them on my can't miss list. Now here we are a few years later and they are about to put out their first full length, and second overall release on FAT FUCKING WRECK CHORDS. So yeah, they good. Fuck you, get over that they are females. It's 2015, whatever. Anywho, they fucking killed it like always. They played a bunch of new stuff that has me excited to buy their full length when it comes out. I missed a few songs because I had to pee super bad, but made it back in time to hear them play Asshole and Get Rad. Shit was tight. I'm pretty sure they made, I guess San Pedro proud? Also, I lost my BC/BC doughnut button, but got to replace it with the totes appropes BC/BC badge.

Appropriate merchandise, KISS

That was night 2 out of a 3 night music bender. Stay tuned tomorrow to find out how I atoned for my missing Great Apes sin. I'll give you a hint, it involves me going to a show.

I'm getting too old for this shit.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

First Show of 2015! First Review in My Fledgling New Hobby!

RVIVR - Western Settings - DFMK (1/8/2015 @ Til-Two Club, San Diego CA)

Warning: All of this took place last Thursday, and my memory is basically a CHUD from the movie CHUD. You know, that horror movie from the 80's with the robber from Home Alone who wasn't Joe Pesci, and he had to battle sewer monsters created by the government? No? Fine. Moving on...

Like most shows I go to, the night started in my friend Kenny's kitchen (Kenny, from hashtag kennygoestoshows (a far superior name then mine, but I didn't want to be a dick and steal it)) drinking beer with Jackie (from, a blog about cooking food out of lettuce). Jackie and I decided earlier it would be in everyone's best interest to stop by Luigi's in North Park to get some pizza before the show, because obviously that's always a good idea. And it was. I had a crime scene (9/10) and something that once had Bell Peppers on it (-100/10). Now, Justine was nice enough to pick the devil's fruit off of my pizza before they cooked it, but unfortunately Bell Peppers ruin everything they touch, kind of like a shitty King Midas, so the lingering taste of hell was still there. Basically I hate bell peppers, and I will from time to time use this as a mouthpiece to remind everyone of that fact.

Pictured: a slice of pizza I ate 2 years ago
Anywho, with our bellies full and our ears empty, we headed to the show. We arrived a little early, mostly because we wanted one of the cool show posters they had printed out, and by god if we didn't get one. They pushed the show back a little bit to 10pm because they only had 3 bands playing instead of the normal amount of 142, much to the grumbling of the old people and employed pieces of shit. But we should of known, Punk Code section 8, article 12 clearly states, "no punk show shall finish rocking before midnight, especially on school days dude"

DFMK, or the more politically correct Don't Fuck My Kids, is a Rock y Roll Punk band from Tijuana, Mexico. I have heard nothing but good things about these guys and have wanted to see them play for quite some time, but every time they have been around, I was apparently doing something waaaaaay cooler. I wanted to keep my expectations low, because most peoples opinions tend to be a pile of shit, but this time the general consensus was correct. This band fucking rules. The lead singer had an energy you rarely see anymore. He was running around, falling to the ground, dancing, making awesome faces, and just looked like he enjoys the shit out of life. I have no idea what any of their songs were about (public education fails again! 2 years of Spanish, nothing stuck) I do know at least one song was about the dangers of doing Meth, because he told us. I highly suggest seeing this band if you can, they were a breathe of fresh air in this stagnant punk scene [Gratuitous  review wording].
Fuchsia Man Group

Not going to lie, I have seen them play a thousand times, and although they are homies and I like them, I used this time to catch up on some beer drinking and cigarette smoking. Had a Cali Creaming from Mother Earth Brewery and a few Marlboro 27's. I think Kenny bought me a whiskey ginger that I swallowed whole.

What can I say about RVIVR that hasn't been said a million times? I honestly have no idea, I'm not that big into reading review blogs. Erica Freas has the voice of a million angels singing in perfect unison, and Mattie Jo Canino has a voice some might call "technically a singing voice". I personally enjoy both, so to the left haters. There were a lot of people that showed up, I hadn't seen Til-Two that packed since The Flatliners played there last year, so not wanting to get sweated on by everybody, I took a seat to the side of the stage on what I can only assume was a barrel made of foam that was covered in PBR. Still better then the sweat. They played the usual set of old songs and a few new (off last years EP Bicker and Breathe). It was very enjoyable, spoonboy was filling in on bass, they sounded good, the between song agendas were kept to a minimum, and the crowd was into it singing along. I'm pretty sure Mattie made the required Anchorman joke in the beginning, so that's good. Don't want us San Diegans to forget about that movie. Some girl kept yelling at me only when the band was playing about something, I think she was saying how good they were live. I was sitting right next to the speaker, so I guess the world will never know. Some other girl tried to sit on my foam barrel and spilled more PBR, I tried to make a hilarious joke, but I just assume she thought I was threatening her because she immediately left. After the band finished, and the crowd did their half assed "one more song" chant, they played a couple more, closed out the night with Spider Song and Change on Me, which I was happy about. Love those songs. And with that, I grabbed a set list and bailed to get my few precious hours of sleep before I had to go slave away as a part of the system, man.
RVIVR, singing about social change and the off season moves the San Diego Padres have been making
Whelp, that is it for this installment. This is probably what all my entries might look like. I'll probably dick around with the format until I'm happy, maybe. Tune in tomorrow to read about me going to see Bad Cop/Bad Cop at VLHS.
I need a cool, like, sign off sentence.

Hello, hi there, hello, How are you?

So, the other night I was at a show and I thought to myself, I need a fucking hobby. I'm getting old, my brain is turning to mush from not having a creative outlet, I can feel myself getting stupider and less articulate. Then I watch Turkish Techno play, and it hits me: No one knows I'm even here watching these nerds. I go to a lot of shows. It seems between going to work and watching Netflix, going to shows is probably the 3rd biggest thing I waste my time on. And I mean, what's even the point of going if I can't even get the smallest amount of validation through some sort of social media?

HERE I AM! Combining my 2 favorite things, forcing you to listen to my opinions and punk rock music shows. Or sometimes albums. Or probably movies. Or just general thoughts. Whatever, this is the internet, it's mostly full of bizarre fan fiction, cats and people fucking, so I will write about what I fucking want, you got that?

Example: Alkaline Trejo (picture stolen from somewhere, because Anarchy?)
I want to preface this by stating, I am in no way a professional. I will not describe the bass line from track 4 as head bobbingly good. I will not tell you so-and-so's sound is like the Ramones had a baby with early Sugar Ray. The wall of guitar sound mixed with the more mature harmonic vocals will not remind me that this band has really stepped up their game since their previous effort. Fuck that. I will however present my opinion as fact and do minimal research. That's just my style.
With all that being said, Welcome to my blog! And remember, Have Fun!