Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The One where Tom Selleck doesn't have a Mustache

Pears - Caskitt - Bainbridge - Old News (8/18/15 @ Tower Bar, San Diego CA)

I decided before this show in the interest of professionalism I should get a camera that doesn't start with a lower case i and end in a 5S. I mean, the best reviews have pictures, and I've always been one to follow the crowd, not stray away from. Luckily for me, my forever friend Brendan had one lying around that he never uses and was generous enough to lend to me until I either: a) buy my own, or 2) get sick and tired of doing all this and just quit only to fade away like my name was Marty McFly and I just prevented my parents from fucking for the first time because I got my past mom all horned up with my purple Calvin Klein underwear and now she wants to bang it out with me instead. One of these is more likely to happen then the other. Hint: I'm a poor person.

Anywho, my friend Julie, who happens to also be Brendan's girlfriend, wanted to go to this show because she did an awesome interview with Matt Caskitt the other day and wanted to see them play again, PLUS she volunteered to drive to North Park. Seriously if you ever see these 2 around, give them a hug and buy them a booze. You can't miss them, they both have visible halo's hovering above their heads. We rounded out our crew with everybody's buddy Rich and trekked south for the show.

Lazy eyed white bitch and friends (photo by Saint Brendan)

Old News

Rich's roommate Ricky is in this band and they are pretty rad. Last time I saw them they covered Dillinger 4 and Kid Dynamite which automatically makes them awesome in my very shitty book. I left the camera in the car when we first went in because I saw Paul Silver there with his camera and immediately got intimidated, mostly because I had 15 minutes to dick around my new toy and had absolutely no idea what I was doing, and if there is one thing I hate, it's looking like a fool. So we walked in and watched about 2 songs before I realized I was standing directly beneath an air conditioner vent that was apparently set to "Arctic Circle", and this was the perfect opportunity to practice taking pictures idiot. So I ran to the car and grabbed the camera, but on my way back I ran into Madeline, who is an editor and fellow team mate at For the Love of Punk, and we ended up talking for the rest of the set. My bad Ricky, I'll watch you guys next time promise. 


Bainbridge is a relatively new band featuring Ziggy (Breaker Breaker One Niner, Ziggy's Love Chicken, booking 99% of the shows in San Diego) Tim (From Scars), and 2 other dudes who I'm not sure who they are or if they play in other bands but they probably do and now I look like a dick. Tight. To further me being a dick, I was distracted by my camera instead of paying full attention to them, freaking out because I couldn't figure out why the god damn shutter speed kept changing. From the couple songs I did actually listen too, they sounded good. They are one I will put on the list to check out at Awesome Fest in the coming weeks. The bummer part is I didn't even get any good pictures, they were all blurry as shit. Fucking amateur.

Much profesional


I've written about Caskitt a million times, but honestly, still not sick of them. They are that good. Funny thing is I ran into drunk Devito during their set and he somehow grabbed me in a "buddy headlock" and dragged me over to Jesse's microphone to scream along to Life on Ridgeview Drive as I'm hunched over like Igor about to get rammed in the ass by one of those dildo fucking machines. It was rad. Thank god Ricky from Western Settings taught me how to sing backup vocals last week. They also played Midwest Summer Nights which always makes me happy. And hey, I took a few pictures that weren't total garbage! So win-win.

I said not total garbage, that doesn't mean good.


I was excited to see Pears because this was the first time I was seeing them since they clicked with me and I realized I did, in fact, enjoy them. It makes seeing a band that much better when you actually like what you hear. They played with the same intensity they seem to always play with, with shirtless singer Zach looking like he got possessed by the demon spirit of a punk rock Freddie Mercury. What I'm saying is they put on a good show. At one point during a breakdown, he crawled through the crowd, where he sat at the bar for a minute, then sauntered back to the stage to finish screaming out the end of the song. They ended their set on the song Grimespree, which I personally think is their best song, and the perfect way to end a show and an album. Immediately after the set I went to their merch booth and bought a shirt and a vinyl copy of their album (Probably the last opportunity to get the Ryan Young Anxious and Angry version before it's re-released by Fat Wreck Chords, for you vinyl nerds). Pears will be playing at Riot Fest and then going on tour with Lagwagon after that, and I am very very curious to see how their live show translates to the bigger crowds and venues. 

Hint: Probably well

Things I learned: "photographing" shows is "hard." I say "Photographing" and "Hard" because, I mean, it was my first time even picking up a camera that cost more than $70 let alone trying to figure out how to work that camera while simetaneously paying attention to the bands that I'm there to see. If I can get over feeling like a fucking nerd with a camera around my neck and practice, I'm sure it will be a lot easier.

Also, apparently I need to edit my photos because thats a thing. I was asked several times what I use for picture editing, and my response was always a slacked jaw shocked, "Huh? Edit?" 

Also part 2, I would like to figure out how to add a gallery of pictures at the end of my blog, because I think that would be way cooler and give me that extra "hoorah" into looking less like I have no idea what I'm doing. 

Let's see, I'm going to try and make it out for one of the Breaker Breaker One Niner shows coming up (either San Diego or Riot Fest), Masked Intruder plays next Tuesday (the only reason I want to go is to finally see The Blackjackits), The Flatliners play ON MY FUCKING BIRTHDAY next Friday the 28th (come, buy me whiskey), going to Denver the next day for a little Riot Fest action, then the week after that is the mega party known as Awesome Fest. I am pumped, my liver, not so much. 

See you at a show.

Friday, August 7, 2015

I Had Fun, I'm Not Having Fun.

City Mouse - The Focke-Wolves - The Newports - Never Pass Go (8/6/15 @ Til-Two Club, San Diego CA)

The title refers to me today at work, not this show. 

There are a lot of really really good weeknight shows coming up, so I decided to use this show on a Thursday as a trial run to see how the rest of August is going to go. Sorry work, hopefully you weren't expecting August to be a very productive month. But tight shit is happening and I have my priorities. Shows before bro's or whatever. 

Before I get into the show, I have to rant about one thing. Skip ahead if you are not into ranting. So before the show, but after stopping at Home Depot to buy Red Bulls and break a $100, Rich, Devito, and I got burritos from Vallarta's. It being a Thursday, I was feeling adventurous and decided to forgo my typical Mexican food restaurant order of a California Burrito and branch out into unknown territory. They had a chicken teriyaki burrito and for some reason that seemed like a good idea. I get my burrito, carefully extract it from its proper paper home, and marvel at the size of it. I gently take it into my hands and raise it to mouth and take a huge bite. What was the first thing I get a mouth full of? FUCKING BELL PEPPERS. God damn it all to fucking hell, I swear to Jesus or who the fuck ever this is why I have trust issues and refuse to try new things. Now don't get me wrong, it was a decent burrito after i picked out every single red AND fucking green pepper in that thing, but the damage had been done. Bell peppers are the devil's fruit, and taint anything they touch with their hideous flavor. Plus after all the picking at my burrito it eventually just fucking fell apart, and I ended up eating the chicken chunks with a fork like a fucking amateur. It probably would have been really good though, and I won't hold it against the place because I probably should have known the veg that won't be named probably would be hiding within that tortilla prison waiting to spring on its unsuspecting victim. I will eat there again though. Fuck Bell Peppers.

OK, good. Got that out of my system. 

On to the show we went! Honestly 4 bands played (and some guy acoustic) but I was really only there to finally see City Mouse and support my friend Jesse's band The Newports. I did watch snippets of the other bands, but I wasn't really impressed enough to stand there and watch them when 15 feet away was a bar with whiskey. 

The Newports

The Newports are a brand spanking new 5 piece band from L.A. This was officially their second real show ever, but lucky for me I saw them play in a garage a month or so back so I kind of had an idea of what I was in for. Now, I'm going to be brutally honest, because whats the point if your not? They are a new band and it shows. Musically, they fucking shred. I honestly am really looking forward to getting whatever they record down the line. Buuuut, they need to work on their stage presence. It definitely didn't help that the guitar player broke a string during the first song. They did warn the crowd, "We are a brand new band. We don't have CD's, we don't have shirts, and we don't have jokes." There was one point for like half of the last song they played where I went, OK, this is better. The singer grabbed the mic off the microphone stand and she started moving around the stage, the bass player was headbanging, Alex was drumming, and Jesse and the other guitar player looked they were having a lot of fun. It was rad. So yeah, they sound fucking great, and I'm sure once the nervousness wears off, they will fucking kill it. 

No Jokes, No Masters

City Mouse

City Mouse is one of those bands that I have been hearing about forever, but for whatever reason I just never went out of my way to check out. Apparently I'm crazy apathetic and lazy or something. My exposure to them before tonight was always seeing their shirts at shows (The Danzig logo with Mickey Mouse ears) and one song off The Thing That Ate Larry Livermore comp. The fucked up thing is I really really like that song too. As penance for being an idiot, I bought a bunch of their merch before I even saw them play and before I blew all my money on alcohol. Forgive me pop punk father, for I have sinned. They fucking ruled. So good in fact, it kind of makes you feel stupid. Like, god damn it, I could have been into this band this entire time, but instead I'm sitting here with my finger in my ass trying real hard to like boring ass Nothington. First thing I did this morning when I got to work was use the download code that came in the 7" I bought, and then get the rest of their music. Definitely looking forward to catching them again at Fest if not sooner. 

Oh, and Davey Tiltwheel was filling in on bass. 

To bring this story full circle, I was at the bar and Rich and Devito bought drinks off the fancy menu, and myself being a jump off a bridge with your friends kind of guy, bought one as well and was for the second time in one evening disappointed with trying new things. This time it was some kind of tequila tasting alcohol that ended up just tasting like pure unwashed butt hole. Always California, Always Whiskey. 

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go take a nap in my car.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

This is your land... AMERICA!

Yeah Buddy Fest 5: Sic Waiting - D-Cent Jerks - Great Apes - All Eyes West - Fools Rush - Caskitt - The Bertos - Divided Heaven - Rebels and Traitors - Castoff (8/1/15 @ Tower Bar, San Deigo CA)

I have been in a show lull as of late. I've been to a few things since my last post, but nothing that made me want to bust out the old proverbial pen and paper. But there is a TON of stuff coming up that I'm going to, so I guess it's time to shake off that rust. When I saw the line up for Yeah Buddy Fest this year and saw that Great Apes and Fools Rush were playing, I knew right away I'd be at that show. I mean, yeah, I would probably be there anyway because it was a Saturday show in San Diego, but that's not the point.

Kenny and I hit the road after he got off work and missed the first two bands (Castoff and Rebels & Traitors). What we didn't miss was Ziggy Love's Chicken Tacos. We showed up and were immediately handed 3 tacos each which I covered in Avocado Ranch sauce. That stuff was fucking delicious. We had to convince ourselves to not just straight up steal the bottle. I realized it was a really good thing Ziggy was there feeding everyone too, because I was about to be sitting around drinking for a solid 6 hours, and that could have easily turned into a nightmare. So thank you Ziggy for the food that helped me not dive head first into traffic while trying to light a cigarette later in the night. 

Divided Heaven

First band I actually ended up watching was L.A.'s Divided Heaven playing with a full band. I saw him play with Jared twice in one night last year, and I downloaded all their music, but honestly, I just can't get into it. I tried again, and sat there and watched the entire set, but I'm still indifferent. Sorry, I tried. 

Whiskey Drinks Consumed: 1
Better Whenever

The Bertos

Hey! A band with Davey Tiltwheel in it, no way! This is the second time I have seen The Bertos and still know almost nothing about them except Davey and that guy that works at Luigi's is in the band. I like them though. Still can't find any of their music to put on my iPod though.

Whiskey Drinks Consumed: 3
My picture taking skills are fucking siiiiiick


The Tower Bar started to fill up with people by the time Caskitt started playing and I lost my good spot near the front when I was outside smoking. No biggie, Tower Bar isn't that huge and I could easily hear them from my seat at the bar. Also, I had to sit down because I'm old and standing that long hurts my back. They did play the friends theme again! So that's fun. 

Whiskey Drinks Consumed: 5
I'll be there for the back. Because I can't get closer.

Fools Rush

Fools Rush was the band I was mostly there to see. I saw them play at The Ken Club before, but since then, I have bought their music and became a fan. They absolutely did not disappoint. I fucking can't stand when people say this, but they play with a lot of energy. Each bearded member of the band looks like they are having a ton of fun and its noticeable. I love it. This is another band I will refuse to miss when they play near me. 

Whiskey Drinks Consumed: 7
Plus they all have beards and are from Portland, so that's cool.

All Eyes West

This band is from Chicago and I didn't watch them play. I was outside smoking and talking to people. There always has to be one band to skip to catch my breath. People who did watch them seemed divided. I heard from "they are fucking awesome!" to "Good thing you stayed out here." Whatever, I needed a break. 

Whiskey Drinks Consumed: 7 (Boooooooo)

Great Apes

Great Apes was the other band I was stoked to see. Pretty much the same exact story of Fools Rush. The thing that is different about these guys is they explain before every song what it is about. Which is kind of cool, but got a little old after every single song. Unfortunately a guitar string broke before they could finish their set, and since things where running a little behind, they said fuck it, see you next time.

Whiskey Drinks Consumed: 8
They were probably about to play my favorite song too

D-Cent Jerks

This ska band hails from Puerto Rico and blew the roof off the fucking place. Seriously, I have never seen the lethargic punk crowd move so damn much. A kind of mosh pit even started! At the Tower Bar! Crazy. Some lady tried to grab my hand and make me dance with her, but I'm not about that life, so I politely declined by screaming "Lady, let go of my fucking hand I'm trying to drink whiskey and watch Ska." She then attacked Kenny much to Rich and my own amusement. These guys were crazy good live, I couldn't even get a decent picture! Go see them if you have a chance, you won't be disappointed. 

Whiskey Drinks Consumed: 9

Sic Waiting

I was honestly too tired to watch Jared and friends play. So I sat at the bar again and evened out my drink count to 10.

Whiskey Drinks Consumed: 10!!! USA! USA! USA!
And that was it. We said our goodbyes and bounced because Kenny had to work at 6 am the next day and it was nearing 1 am.

Again, thank god for those delicious Tacos. 

Things that are coming up: Pears, Mercy Music, Pretty Little Ponies!!!, The Flatliners (on my birthday!), Riot Fest Denver, The Lawrence Arms, Awesome Fest, The Fest, It's Not Dead Fest, Get Dead, Success. Shit is getting real in the coming months, so go out there and support your local music scene dummy.