Monday, June 22, 2015

The One Where Kevin Eats an Entire Pound of Cheese

Guttermouth - Bad Cop/Bad Cop - The Bombpops - Decent Criminal (6/20/15 @ Alex's Bar, Long Beach CA)

One of my favorite bands, Bad Cop/Bad Cop, had a record release/tour kickoff show this past Saturday. They just released their first full length album Not Sorry last week, and it is seriously so fucking good. As a matter of fact do yourself a favor, don't even read the rest of this, go buy the album now, listen to it, and come back.

Thursday night, I was tasked with the odd favor of going out and buying 2 white lab coats for the people doing the Fat Wrecked documentary and bring them to this show. I'm still not entirely 100% sure what they were for, I think it had something to do with taking pictures, but it paid for my ticket to get into the show and got me a beer, but most importantly, I got to lend a hand to what I feel like is going to be a fucking awesome documentary about the best record label in the punk scene. 

Saturday morning I went up to L.A. early to hang out with my friend Jackie. It was her last weekend in California before she moves to Colorado, so one last hang sesh was in order. The plan was to hike to the Hollywood sign which would have been rad, but home girl was super hungover, so instead I got to be the lucky participant in packing up her kitchen shit and carrying heavy garbage furniture to the trash can. My suggestion to just throw it off the balcony apparently wasn't a legitimate option. 

Around 6 we headed out to Pasadena to a "house show" to see our friend Jesse's band The Newports play their first show. I say "house show" because it was in the garage of these apartments, and they were the only band playing. They had jungle juice though. Shit was dangerous, didn't even taste like it had alcohol in it, but I was assured that "yes, there is a metric shit ton of rum in there." Anyways, The Newports were pretty rad. It being the first time they have ever played in front of people, there was some stuff to work out, but I look forward to seeing them play some more.

After they were done we headed to Long Beach for a proper show. Decent Criminal started things off and were pretty damn good. Good enough that I listened to their bandcamp today and am stoked to see them when this tour rolls through San Diego. The Bombpops played next, and honestly sounded better then I've ever heard them. I guess they still had some European magic in them or something. Even the Guttermouth fan's were into them, starting up mosh pits during a couple of songs. 

Finally it was time for Bad Cop. These ladies have their shit together and are one of the best bands you will see play live. It's pretty obvious why when Fat Mike saw them play, he immediately signed them to Fat. This being a record release show, they mostly played songs off their new album Not Sorry, including my favorite song off the album I'm Alright (I'm a sucker for good bass lines and songs that are different, and that Reggae thing happening in that song is awesome). Again, the Guttermouth crowd was into them, starting up mosh pits and spilling full beers all over me. One guy slipped on the spilled beer and hit his head pretty fucking hard on the floor, and after wobbly leaning on my buddy Rich for a minute to regain composure, got swooped up by security because I think they thought he was drunk and not possibly concussed. Anyway, go see Bad Cop play if you have a chance, and if you don't buy their albums. You will not be sorry.

Also, They are on Spotify, unlike that harpy Taylor Swift*

We left before Guttermouth played. I have a standing order not to watch them after the Rookies debacle in Oceanside last year. I wrote about it in an earlier post and won't get into it again, but lets just say the strike continues!

That concludes another successful trip to Los Angeles. I'm serious though, go see Bad Cop play. I'm for sure going to 2 more shows on this tour (San Diego and VLHS) and I'm debating whether or not its a good idea to go to Mexico on a Wednesday night as well. We'll see. Also, go to the Punk Rock Food Drive this Saturday the 27th. It's for a good cause and there are some cool bands playing. DO IT. Support your local music.

*Taylor swift is not actually a harpy. If anything she is an actual angel.